3 Keys

For a number of years we have been helping groups and individuals prepare for the time of crisis.
We like you, can see a time in the future when the human race will be tested to the full.
We like you, wish to be prepared for this purge that we will face.
We like you, want to to be ready to defend and protect those who are left and preserve what we can.
This is not a bootcamp, there is no running till you vomit, men in silly hats screaming in your face or scrubbing floors with a toothbrush.
Our aim is to release the potential already within you.We take a much broader approach, we see physical encompassing everything from diet to your ability to defend yourself and others.

Know yourself and you will never be in peril - Sun Tzu

How often have you seen a news report on obesity, followed by an advert for a fast food chain?
Do you see the problem? You are sitting watching television, shaking your head at the actions of others. You are inactive, physically, emotionally and psychologically.
We can show you how to realise the potentional that is waiting inside your body.

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If you're going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill

Life is hard, life is tiring. You could probably use a nap. The weather makes you sad. Your job makes you sad.
Do you realise how many people are jealous of what you have?
Not the work, or the health, or even the electricity and running water. What you have are opportunity and choice, all you have to do is realise it.

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Wisdom begins in wonder - Socrates

We do not speak of spirituality as some kind of religious dogma or morning TV thought piece. How many belief systems have you seen change direction depending on which way the wind blows? We live in a world which is full of lies and illusion, false ideals and lying governments. A world where values are dictated by the fattest wallet, or the most credible liar.

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